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Watch Interview with Steve Barker

Steve Barker is a seasoned Royal Air Force veteran from the UK who dedicated 26 years to serving his country before making the move to Australia in 2013. Since then, he's been sharing the wealth of knowledge gained from his global experiences.

Known for his affable nature, leadership prowess, and expert understanding of human behaviour, Steve taps into 25+ years of hands-on leadership and extensive training to develop and nurture exceptional leaders who are primed to make a lasting impact in their workplaces and communities.


Based in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Steve's influence stretches far and wide, catering to clients from diverse backgrounds and from all around the world.

Through a very unique blend of coaching, mentoring, and impactful workshops, he sparks transformative changes in individuals and communities alike.

Alongside his consultancy work, Steve is a dynamic public speaker, captivating audiences at renowned institutions and businesses nationwide.

Outside of work, Steve finds solace by the ocean, indulging in activities like paddle boarding and fishing. Continuously seeking and partaking in a multitude of different personal and professional development study programs, he remains dedicated to staying ahead of the curve to better serve his clients.

"My mission," Steve asserts, "is to equip and empower future leaders to successfully navigate future Leadership challenges with integrity and vision, whilst still being authentically themselves."

Watch Interview with Sally Dillon

Sally is a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience spanning private, government, and non-profit sectors. She specialises in HR strategy, leadership coaching, and workplace culture development.

With a people-first approach, Sally's heart-centered leadership techniques drive transformation and cultivate values-driven cultures. Her expertise has earned her recognition on podcasts and in publications like New Idea Magazine, and she is also an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Watch Interview with Tim Stokes

Tim Stokes is a Business Growth Specialist thanks to his 40 years of building six different businesses. He is researcher into extreme business success and solving every challenge a business experiences, preventing the business owner from having a life and a business that are separate, and not just a "work."

Tim brings 30 years of marketing implementing and measured results to the business clients he works with. He loves implementing permanent solutions to the common challenges of businesses, such as; hiring good staff, motivating employees to work without supervision, increasing profits and margins, putting systems in place to scale faster and optimising marketing to drive marketing dollars further.


Tim has lost count of the number of sensational results he's seen businesses achieve, from growing by 1,200% in 7\seven months, to increasing net profit by $396,000 without increasing sales, and taking a business with three staff to twelve, and having it set up under management where the owner didn't work in it again for years.

Tim has discovered dozens of simple, apply immediately, strategies to grow businesses faster and more profitably, without spending $1 more.

Watch Interview with Liz Murray

Liz is a seasoned professional with a diverse background rooted in education and leadership. Raised in Newcastle, she developed a strong sense of community and a passion for empowering others. With over 20 years of experience as a School Principal overseeing multiple sites and a large team, Liz honed her skills in leadership, team management, and fostering growth.

In 2017, Liz embarked on a new chapter by launching her business, Edge of Possibilities, as a Leadership and Executive Coach. Here, she merges her dedication to unlocking people's true potential with her unwavering commitment to personal development. Through her coaching, Liz inspires individuals to break barriers and achieve their goals.


An active member of BNI since 2018, Liz thrives in a network of like-minded professionals who share her values of collaboration and mutual support. She believes in the principle of "Givers Gain" and has found immense satisfaction in building relationships and exchanging business referrals within the BNI community.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Liz finds joy in spending time with her husband, Phil, whether it's sharing sunrise jogs, embarking on bush walks, or indulging in her love for Veuve champagne. Guided by her philosophy that "if we aren't failing forward, we are stuck," Liz embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.

Despite her accomplished career, Liz remains refreshingly candid about her short attention span—a characteristic that underscores her authenticity and relatability. Through her journey, Liz continues to inspire others to embrace their vulnerabilities, pursue their passions, and push the boundaries of what's possible.


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