Interview Video with Rakesh Prabhakar & Kim Mclachlan


Company Name:

Dynamic Digital Solutions and Zoho




Zoho is a 26-year-old, privately held, multiple award winning technology company with over 15,000 employees across 15+ offices around the world including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. Headquartered in Texas, USA, Zoho has a development head office in Chennai, India, and a local office in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Zoho offers software for every major business operation including sales, marketing, customer support, finance, human resources, and back-office operations. It adheres to the most stringent privacy and data security regulations known to the modern world, and as a result, its products come with the highest of compliance certifications. Over a 100 million users rely on Zoho apps every day to run their business, and the company partners with technology service providers like Dynamic Digital Solutions to implement solutions and support customers globally.

Rakesh Prabhakar is the General Manager for Zoho’s Australia and New Zealand division. He oversees all non-R&D aspects of Zoho’s local operations, including channel sales, customer success, facilities, HR, legal, marketing, sales and pre-sales. With over 15 years of experience in IT and business process consultation in diverse sectors, he has been responsible for delivering superior commercial and client outcomes.

Kim Mclachlan, founder and director of Dynamic Digital Solutions, boasts over 20 years of professional experience in finance, audit, and professional services across four countries and businesses of varying sizes and risk. Kim’s extensive experience as strategic business advisor and prior roles in senior management for leading accounting and advisory firms has equipped her with the expertise required to solve complex technology challenges for businesses.


Interview Video with Cameron Walker

Cameron Walker

Company Name:

Walker Safety Services




0444 540 638

Walker Safety Services are passionate about safety, and we are committed to helping make Australian workplaces safer for everyone.

We work with you to identify hazards and risks associated with the workplace, develop safety policies and procedures, and assist your organisation in achieving compliance with the relevant Work Health and Safety legislation.

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WSS provides practical safety solutions to Australian business to help Identify WHS gaps, assess the risks, and assist with managing the risks.

Cameron Walker and his team are dedicated to helping businesses think differently about safety and shifting the focus from legal obligation to a genuine and considered investment in the safety of workers.

Experts in the prevention, mitigation and management of workplace injuries and incidents, Cameron and the WSS team are qualified to assist businesses in raising the bar on safety and helping workers to arrive safely, work safely, and go home safely.

WSS services clients anywhere in Australia.

Interview Video with Gary Hansen

Gary Hansen

Company Name:





07 4772 6262

At ECHO Spas, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of Spas and Swimspas tailored to families and homeowners across Australia.

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At ECHO Spas, you're not just purchasing a Spa, you're investing in a product shaped by years of industry wisdom, showcasing enduring quality with exceptional relaxation in mind.


Interview Video with Greg Smith

Greg Smith

Company Name:





0429 872 386

buntu. means ‘people’.

We are your contemporary, online and offline, business-to-business communication and reputation specialists. ‘Pattern and attention interrupt’ is our genius.

Collaborating on work that matters with people who care to grow purpose-driven businesses is our intention. Human-to-human ‘connection with intention’ underpins our purpose and strategy.

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Uncovering who you are, designing your brand assets, and amplifying your genius via LinkedIn in combination with cleverly designed, handwritten wax-sealed mail is our expertise.

We are your plug-in, plug-out creative, and business development team, expertly executing your communication and business growth strategies. That way, you get to work more on your business rather than in it.

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Interview Video with Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson

Company Name:

Your Marketing Machines




0401 094 400

Experienced business owner/operator since 2001, across New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific regions.

Hi, My name is Andrea Anderson, Founder and Chief Ideas Specialist for Your Marketing Machines, a marketing strategy and communications company based in Brisbane, Qld.

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We provide holistic business marketing solutions from data intelligence and market research analytics through to developing growth marketing success plans from 12 months to 5 year strategic direction.

Whether its developing a strategic business plan with marketing intentions or its assistance with business marketing execution as a VMO - Virtual Marketing Officer, we can provide all those services.

Our business proudly supports QUT through their Work Integrated Learning Program, I am also a Mentoring For Growth business mentor for Queensland Government, a preferred marketing advisor/facilitator for Brisbane City Council and a previous ASBAS advisor from 2018 to 2020.

I am heavily involved with BNI Australia as the president of my local chapter as well as a board member for BNI Foundation Australia.

Interview Video with Pip Scott-Allen

Pip Scott-Allen

Company Name:

Premier Team Building




0402 228 411

Born and raised in Canada, Pip started working in the leadership industry at a young age through the summer camps he grew going to and eventually running.

Pip has worked in a vast range of industries such as a Backcountry canoe guide, ice climbing guide, lifeguard, Ropes course builder, Disability worker and summer camp director.

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No matter what role Pip has been in it’s always led him back to training, leading and developing leadership programs as this was his true passion.

In 2019 it became painfully clear to Pip, that in Australia, many organisations were being sold team bonding events rather than result-driven team-building programs.

With a focus of delivering measurable team building and leadership development programs, Pip founded Premier Team Building.

Premier Team Building has, and continues to, work with clients such as: Google, ADOBE, Amazon, RAAF, NSW Government, PWC, Greenstone and many other organisations of all size and lifecycle.

Purpose: To deliver a positive culture change in businesses with the ultimate goal of becoming redundant as ethical leaders will take over and lead the business world.

Fun Fact: Premier Team Building has over 500kg in LEGO® which is apparently all a business expense.

Interview Video with Vlasta Eriksson

Vlasta Eriksson

Company Name:

Signature Staff




0418 717 858

Signature Staff specialises in Permanent Recruitment, Labour Hire and Short-Term Contracts, Australia-Wide, predominately in Far North Queensland. We work with a wide range of enterprises, from fledgling startups to global corporations, with a particular emphasis on providing support to small and medium-sized businesses in their workforce acquisition and management endeavours.

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We assist job seekers throughout Australia in securing their ideal positions and achieving great results. Signature Staff provides support to all industries with a focus in Hospitality and Tourism, Trade and Clerical.

Interview Video with George Mavros

George Mavros

Company Name:





0408 621 736

WEHEAR AUSNZ is launching a revolutionary range of hearing and communications devices at the BNI National conference in Cairns in late May 2024.

The business is a collaboration of Australian and Indian members of BNI formed during the BNI Global conference in Madrid.

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WEHEAR will be officially launching the range of current products.

Their current range includes:

A non- surgical Bone Conductive Hearing device.

A translation headphone unit.

A headphone set to aid and assist those that suffer from Tinnitus.

A headphone set designed for the sports and outdoors person that allows them to hear surrounding environmental sounds, to ensure better safety whilst engaged in their activities.


Interview Video With Rachael Carter

Rachael Carter

Company Name:

Mosaic Hues




0409 876 674

Mosaic Hues is a social enterprise rooted in inclusion and empowerment, founded by Scott and Rachael Carter. At its core, it's a gift shop that does more than sell items; it's a platform for positive community impact.

Specialising in ethically and sustainably sourced gifts, Mosaic Hues channels all profits into the Mosaic Hues Collective, supporting Toowoomba's refugee and migrant women. This initiative fosters a sense of belonging, helps build connections, and empowers these women to realize their potential.

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Through practical support and the creation of opportunities, Mosaic Hues is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of the vulnerable and marginalized. Every purchase from Mosaic Hues not only delights the recipient but also contributes to a larger mission of creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

Interview Video with Neal Connelly

Neal Connelly

Company Name:

CNC Promotional Products




0412 711 519

CNC Promotional Products looks after a vast range of items to assist with your marketing plans. With over 40 years of experience we assist in finding the right products to suit your client demographic.

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From stock items to fully customised we aim to create a solution that reaches your audience and conveys your message. We have a wide range of decoration options to choose from which we can accommodate any logo.

Interview Video With Lee Wright

Lee Wright

Company Name:

Helloworld Townsville




0421 528 188


Helloworld Travel is a nationwide network of independently owned and operated stores, offering Australian travellers unparalleled convenience, industry-leading service and the best value, tailor-made holidays.

Helloworld Travel Mackay, Mt Pleasant & Townsville has been locally owned and operated for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and being the most experienced travel agents in both Mackay & Townsville.

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I have been in the travel industry for over 28 years both in the UK and Australia.

I am very fortunate in that Travel is not only my career but also my passion and hobby. Creating the perfect holidays and travel experiences by drawing on client feedback along with the knowledge from colleagues and my personal travel experience allows me to advise how to make your travel dollar go further, where to spend your money and just as importantly, where not to.

I have been to 42 Countries personally and along with my co-workers we have visited 100+ countries so we have the world and your travel requirements well and truly covered.

Interview Video With Beau Worsley

Beau Worsley

Company Name:

The Brand Makers




0408 551 194

The Brand Makers are trusted with some of Australia’s biggest names most valued asset – their brand.

Creating products such as promotional products, corporate gifts and incentives, uniforms, print and signage – the team take the time to understand a brand’s audience and then give them the tools to connect in a tangible and meaningful way.

Interview Video With Norelle Targato

Norelle Targato

Company Name:

Illustrious Type & Design




0414 962 875


We’ll solve the problem of timely research and comparisons by being a one-stop shop for all of your printing, signage, branded promotional item and clothing needs.

With over 25 years in business, Illustrious Type & Design has the contacts and experience to get you the best possible outcome.

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First impressions count, professional stationery and corporate items attract attention and leave an everlasting impact.

Our aim is to provide the best service utilising state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We strive for excellence and take pride in ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied.

· Printing

· Promotional Items

· Banners & Signage

· Magnets

· Clothing

· Rubber Stamps

Interview Video With Simon James

Simon James

Company Name:

Simon James Photography




0417 000 456

When is the last time you looked at a photo of yourself or your business that you really, truly loved?

When you look at the imagery on your website what do you want your potential customers to feel?

Do you shudder when you see the stock imagery you plastered on your site just to get your website up and running?

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Are you a time poor marketing manager just begging to be fed some gorgeous, authentic content to share on your social feeds?

The truth is that photography and imagery is so often an afterthought for businesses and their people.

However, photography is such a powerful tool for businesses, their owners and their staff to create genuine, human connection – even without being in the same room.

I created Simon James Photography some 30 years ago with this very goal in mind.

The power of imagery has never been more apparent than in the current climate, where so often we cannot be in the same room as the people we work with, the people who use or might use our services or the people we love.

As a photographer, my biggest skillset is helping my many satisfied customers (go check out my 50+ five-star Google Reviews) come to love the process of being photographed and in delivering a final product that inspires an emotional response. This brings me so much joy!

My biggest asset is my emotional intelligence. My ability to connect with people in a way that turns being photographed from an anxiety-inducing and unnatural event into an experience that my clients truly relish.

For many, working with a photographer is often an unnatural event. And typically, it feels that way because it is not something you do very often.

However, I believe that my role as a photographer is to strip back that unauthentic layer of awkwardness and bring to life the real person in front of the camera.

My goal when photographing my clients, their teams and their businesses is to capture the authenticity that is going to make their images stand out.

The sort of images that will take pride of place on their website, their social media or even their walls.

I specialise in corporate photography, portraiture and family photography, delivering these images products to businesses, individuals and families alike.

If you are;

- a marketing, advertising, or creative agency owner,

- a nationwide business owner

- an events manager

and you need a photographer you can rely on, who cares for your clients whilst delivering outstanding images that make them shine and leave you looking like a hero, then we need to catch up for a coffee.


May 24 - 25, 2024

Net Proceeds Go To BNI Australia Foundation

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Please note: Should circumstances prevent the 2024 Business Growth Conference from going ahead in person, tickets will be transferred to ‘virtual’ tickets, and the difference refunded. Airfares, accommodation, and any other expenses associated with attending the in-person event at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, Queensland are outside the control of BNI Australia. Therefore BNI Australia cannot be liable.

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