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Watch Interview with Di Russell

Di Russell’s story is testament to the profound impact that awakened awareness can have on one's life trajectory.

Enduring the loss of her husband while a young mother of two little ones, she was captured by the purpose and preciousness of life.


Di's decision to live life in a truly authentic way, saw her engage in study and mentorship with self-development greats such as Bob Proctor, Joe Dispenza and Eckhart Tolle. Drawing on this wisdom and her own life experiences Di has dedicated the last 20 years to sharing this ethos with others, empowering them to embrace a life of fulfilment.

Through her years of creating and operating companies, engaging in public speaking, and empowering individuals, Di embodies the transformative power of commitment to living authentically. Her mission is clear: to educate, encourage, and empower others to live a live they truly love.

Di’s story is a powerful encouragement to us all; now is the time to start living. Embrace the richness of purpose-driven living and genuine joy.

Watch Interview with Tom Etherington

Tom Etherington is an online personal branding expert, content marketer, LinkedIn coach, and profile writer. He’s been coaching people on using LinkedIn to build credibility and trust since 2014.

Tom has presented on the topic of leveraging LinkedIn and BNI many times, including education pieces for global chapters on Zoom. He has appeared on two podcasts with Ivan Misner (665 and 706), discussing maximising your LinkedIn and BNI Connect profiles as part of your 360º brand story.


Pre-LinkedIn and content marketing, Tom spent 20 years as a journalist and editor for newspapers, magazines, and multimedia platforms, interviewing many famous faces along the way. Now, he is dedicated to using his storytelling skills to help professionals and businesses shine on LinkedIn, ensuring their personal brand is compelling and authentic.

Watch Interview with Sloan Wilkins

Sloan Wilkins has over 30 years financial services expertise including specialist and executive roles across Banking and Financial Planning.

After leaving the corporate world in 2021, he now serves clients as an Executive Financial Coach.

Sloan is a former Financial Planner who focuses on helping clients to control their income, build financial confidence, and chase down their most important goals.


On the personal side, Sloan has just celebrated his 26th wedding anniversary with wife Michelle, and together they have 2 kids aged 18 and 24. The family lives in Brookwater in south-west Brisbane.

Sloan serves all his clients via Zoom which allows him to support clients across Australia and internationally. Sloan is dedicated to helping business owners and their families to Become the Boss of their Money.

Watch Interview with Cindy Koehler

Cindy Koehler, a dynamic presenter, brings a wealth of experience with 25 years in business, 20 years in education, and over 35 years devoted to mindfulness, meditation, and mindset training.

Her profound dedication to empowering others through education is palpable, reflecting her Adelaide, South Australia roots where she finds joy in outdoor adventures, always making time to pause for dogs and connecting with her tribe.


With her infectious enthusiasm and deep expertise, Cindy inspires audiences to embrace personal growth and unlock their full potential.

Watch Interview with Sam Buckingham

If you've turned on the TV in Australia in the past 20 years, you've likely come across the one and only Sam Buckingham!

This woman has done it all - from selling air mattresses on the Morning Show to being the face of Bigpond and Lendlease. And don't even get us started on that voice of hers! It's the kind of voice that can make you feel like you can conquer the world. It’s used by big brands to bolster their awareness and harness loyalty. Keep your ear out, you might just hear her pop up during a commercial break!


Sam is a true authority in public speaking and has formal training and qualifications behind her from Trinity College of London and the Australian Speech and Communication Association.

She knows how to command a room, hold a crowd's attention, and handle unexpected mishaps like a boss. But what sets Sam apart is her ability to bring her unique style and personality to every event she hosts. She's quick-witted, adaptable, and agile in fast-paced environments, making her the perfect emcee, panel discussion facilitator, and keynote speaker.

And speaking of coaching, Sam is passionate about helping others find their voice and speak their truth. She knows that the key to great public speaking is embracing your uniqueness, igniting the flame within you and letting go of societal expectations. By doing so, you can truly step into your power and use your voice to make a difference in the world.

So, if you're looking for a speaker who can bring the sass, the soul, and the expertise, look no further than Sam Buckingham!


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